Halloween Countdown with the Spooky Q

QIC:  Band Camp

Date: 10/1/2021

PAX: Blue, Milkman, Starbucks, Lyft, Cleaver, Sherlock, LifeAlert, Money Shot, Snowcream, Tasty Cakes, FNG-OB

AO: Shothouse


The moon was out with an eerie glow, masked in part by the shadowed clouds above. A tainted breeze filled the air, punctuated by the smell of HIM tears. Howling was heard by all, though it was just yours truly in his truest form (aka the Spooky Q). Perfect for a pumpkin-spiced beatdown.


20 SSH’s in cadence

10 Windmills in cadence

10 Willy Maze Haze in cadence

Toe touches 30 seconds OYO

Cobra 15 seconds OYO

10 Michael Phelps in cadence

20 Merkins in cadence

The Thang

Make your way to the track with a coupon. Pair off into groups of 2 (Dora’s—Person A and Person B).

Phase One, the Monster Mash
Person A starts and exercise, Person B completes a movement 10 yards there and back. When Person B gets back, Persons A and B switch so that Person A completes the movement while Person B completes the exercise. Each sub-section below is completed for 5 minutes at a time:

Mummies (5 minutes)

A – mummy lifts (sit-up with block)

B – Mummy walk 10 yards and back (straight leg high kicks to your outstretched arms, no coupon)

Werewolves (5 minutes)

A – howl at the moon (dive bombers)

B – bear crawl 10 yards and back (fast, no coupon)

Vampires (5 minutes)

A – flex your wings (bent over rows with coupon)

B – fly! 10 yards there and back (long jumps, no coupon)

Spiders (5 minutes)

A – squash the spider (American hammers with coupon)

B – Spider-Man crawl 10 yards (push-up optional, no coupon)

Jog to the home bleachers with coupon

Phase 2, Trick-or-Treat Preparation

Keeping the same groups, complete these exercises for 3 minutes each, then switch. (We were only able to spend 1.5 minutes each due to time.)

A – candy bag bicep curls with coupon (5 low curls, 5 high curls, 5 full curls) until failure, alternating with front door step-ups on bleachers as needed.

B – chocolate arm dips until failure, alternating with candy apple bobbing pull ups on the bleacher railing as needed.

Phase 3, Ding-Dong-Ditch

Continuing with Dora groups, the following happens on the track without coupons:

A – holds Al Gore looking in opposite direction until B “rings the doorbell”, then tries to catch B through a jailbreak

B – starting from 20-ish yards behind A mosey’s to A and says “Ding Dong!”, then immediately bernies along track to get away from A

Once A catches up to B, the roles switch, with A starting 20 yards behind B. Once one team makes it all the way around the track to the starting point (home bleachers), the exercise is over for everyone. We were only able to get 1/4 around the track due to time.

Walk back to parking lot with block.


Before going into my Word of the Day in this post, we got to name the FNG. Welcome OB (short for OBGYN)! Brave man for coming out to a Spooky Q with yours truly, hopefully we didn’t scare OB away…

Word of the Day:

Like many of our modern holidays, halloween historically was something that embraced evils. It wasn’t until a Roman Catholic holiday was established on November 1st, 609 that the celebration changed in the western world.

So that’s the history lesson, I believe it has direct implications on our life today. As HIM’s, when we experience adversity, do we become victims of wrongs? Or do we take a bad event in history and change our perspective to build ourselves up and move forward, like Pope Boniface IV? Halloween’s true history shouldn’t be forgotten, but we shouldn’t be hampered down by that history—we can remember and should call out evils, but we can’t let it keep us from living our lives going forward. If we’re Christians, we know that the world doesn’t end until Jesus says so, we keep running the race of faith and life (1 Corinthians 9). There is a time for mourning and tearing down, but also a time for joy and building up (Ecclesiastes 3).

My wife read an interesting book review this week—the article stated we all meditate on suffering. Much of the current social justice movements focus on the suffering of the self. Christians however are called to meditate on the suffering of Christ, from there we find our identity (1 Peter 2:24). By the God of creation becoming a victim, He allowed us to overcome our personal struggles. God says we can trust in Him, not only for salvation, but for our daily life (Proverbs 3:5-6). That means God invites us out of a life of victimization and into a life of conquering for His kingdom (Luke 12:32).

On a personal level, I’ve had a lot of personal struggle being okay with my recent failures at work. But I can’t let those failures determine how I perceive myself, or else it will also impact my area of influence. Good leaders don’t get the luxury of self pity. We must be vulnerable and admit our weaknesses, but we are also charged with circling ourselves with good people who will pull us out of the muck (1 Thessalonians 5:11, Galatians 6:2).


Life Alert made sure to remind me that less than 12 hours of October had transpired and here I was leading a Halloween-themed Q. I guess the moral of the story is you never know when a Spooky Q will happen to you (just like no one expects the Spanish Inquisition!). As a side note, I dress up as characters all the time—just ask my wife about our role playing adventures. The way I see it there’s no reason to keep dress up for just one day a year when I can dress up like a scantily-clad firefighter anytime I want. If I had it my way, I’d have “Halloween” every day of the year. I’d also probably have like 10 kids by now though.

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    This One Time, at Cinco de Mayo…

    QIC: Bandcamp

    DATE: Cinco de Mayo 2021 (ay ay ay!)

    PAX: She Shed, Ponce de Leon (Respect), Cleaver, Ringwald, Mr. Clean, Ohms, U-Turn, Snatch, Dundee, Bobbit, Shameless, Hoser, FNG-Dangler, Blue, Daisy

    AO: Detention


    Warm, wet, and dark. Like a big bowl of Mexican mole sauce.


    5 SSH’s in cadence

    5 Merkins in cadence

    5 Mountain Climbers in cadence

    5 SSH’s in cadence

    5 (10) Willy Maze Haze

    20 seconds forward fold OYO

    5 SSH’s in cadence

    5 seal claps in cadence

    5 Michael Phelps in cadence

    20 seconds of Cobra OYO

    20 seconds of Toe Merkins OYO

    The Thang

    Let’s Eat Some Chips!

    Play “Llego el Pavo” by Silvio Mora

    1. Run in place (dancing optional)

    2. Each time the singer gobbles, rolls his r’s, or the trumpets play the theme everyone drops and does a Merkin or deep squat-to-vertical power jump (your choice)

    Note: speed and quick recovery is key

    Don’t forget the guac!

    Slice and Chop the onions, avocado, jalapeño and tomato: 30 seconds of Freddy Mercuries

    Mince the garlic: 30 seconds of Little Baby Crunches

    Grill the ingredients: 15 seconds of swimmers then flip over for 15 seconds of flutter kicks

    Carve out the avocado meat: 30 seconds of American hammers

    Crush the ingredients together: 30 seconds of Big Boy Sit-ups

    Add some chili powder, salt and lime: 30 seconds of shoulder touch planks

    Make as much guac as needed (we did 3 rounds)

    Dinner Time!

    Ask what people want to order, then everyone completes 40 of each exercise

    Taco: V-up

    Burrito: 180 degrees jumping spins (arms tucked in)

    Enchilada: jumping lunges (each leg)

    Tamale: wide arm Merkins

    Empanadas: deep squats

    Horchata: narrow arm Merkins

    Roasted Street Corn: overhead seal claps

    Mole: heel touches (lying down on back) each side

    Rice: mountain climbers (each leg)

    Beans: side straddle hops

    Margarita: fast windmills (each side)

    Churros: High knees (each leg)

    Sopaipillas: 2 single 20-second Merkins

    Mexican Trivia!

    Everyone holds plank in a circle. Trivia questions are asked…if the answer is guessed incorrectly, the penalty is that everyone performs 5 burpees and returns to their previous position. If the question is answered correctly, everyone alternates to a squat or back to plank.

    1. What is the unofficial anthem of Mexico?

    Cielito Lindo

    2. What does Cinco de Mayo commemorate?

    Victory of the Battle of Puebla

    3. What does this word mean in English: fuego


    4. How many states does Mexico have?


    5. What are the colors of the Mexican flag?

    Green, white, and red

    6. In what year did Mexico gain its independence?


    7. Roughly how many pounds of avocados are purchased for Cinco de Mayo every year?

    87 million

    8. What is the capitol of Mexico?

    Mexico City

    9. El Paso’s neighboring Mexican city is?


    10. What is the national dish of Mexico?


    Finish off with some more chips!

    Play La Bamba by Los Lobos

    1. Everybody run in place

    2. Every time Bamba is said, everyone does a Merkin or deep squat-to-vertical power jump

    Extra Time

    We had 1 minute of extra time, so we did 10 pickle pointers in cadence


    Each of us is in charge of establishing our personal culture. (When I say personal culture, in this context I mean the characteristics that people associate with those in your area of influence, such as hard-working or athletic.) If we’re married, if we have kids, or even if we’re just working or schooling in our community, we each hold the responsibility of driving the culture for those around us. That means we stand against things we believe are wrong, and stand up for things we believe are right. See something, say something. Our personal culture directly impacts others. We have to set the culture of excellence in our daily lives, plant those seeds of good so that others can reap the benefits later. That’s what the American founding fathers did. Philippians 2:4 speaks to this: Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also the interests of others. That’s an example of culture-building. If we’re going to be High Impact Men, we have to establish a bold culture of good in our homes and workplaces. But that doesn’t mean we have to re-invent the wheel: we can pull in good ideas from other cultures (such as things other leaders do) and keep out bad ones (like being lazy). In the end if we’re leaders we are also the gatekeepers and shepherds of cultural ideals to those God placed in our lives. As a Christian, I look to Jesus Christ’s example of living and try (most often terribly) at emulating what He said and did. Building our culture is a responsibility but also a privilege that we hone every day when we wake up, and being here this morning is a great example of culture-building in the community. It’s part of being a leader, being an HIM, and building a legacy.


    Ohms came in at 0530 (like most location start times) instead of 0515, but then he lapped everybody on the exercises so I think he gets a pass. Some gringos actually know a few things about Mexican trivia…I was impressed.

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      Float Like a Butterfly, Vomit like a Drunken Bee

      QIC:  Bandcamp

      Date: 03/22/2021

      PAX: Tasty Cakes, Steam Engine, Milkman

      AO: Shothouse


      22 SSH’s in cadence

      Fire feet to Mercans, 1:48

      22 Michael Phelps in cadence

      7 Willy Maze Haze (each side, 14 total) in cadence

      7 Little Baby Arm Circles in cadence, both directions

      22 seal claps hard count

      The Thang

      We were going for a Muhammad Ali theme, so lots of boxing references. Also 60’s music…gotta love the classics.

      Train like Muhammad!
      “Run 6 Miles” —Indian Run 1x around track

      “Get Loose”—30 seconds of shadow boxing (including “dancing”) to keep heart rate up

      30 seconds of slow V-ups

      30 seconds of wide stance push-ups

      30 seconds of narrow stance push-ups

      30 seconds of fast Freddy Mercuries

      Repeat for a total of 3 times

      Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee

      22 side crunches (each side)

      22-count single slow push-up

      22 hard count mountain climbers

      22 deep squats

      22 high jumps

      22 deep squats

      22 hard count mountain climbers

      22-count single slow push-up

      22 side crunches (each side)

      Boxing Match

      Pair up

      Step 1 – track your opponent

      Person 1: 5 long jumps and back (10 total)

      Person 2: Backwards High Knees alongside person 1


      Step 2 – fight to win

      Person 1: 10 seconds of quick punches while in a deep squat

      Person 2: 360 spins, alternating directions


      Step 3 – get up!

      Person 1: 3 good burpees

      Person 2: alternating leg push-ups


      Repeat all for a total of 5 times (7 was the goal)


      There’s another mutation of COVID on the loose. We’re going to have to man up and face it, just like taking another punch to the face. If you remember the Rocky Balboa movies, the moral of the story was not how often you can beat the crap out of someone else…it’s how often you can get up after taking a beating. Sometimes all we have to do is get back up. It serves as inspiration for ourselves and others. We have to keep on keeping on.

      2 Corinthians 4:8-9 regarding Christians

      We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed;

      We are called to succeed. Maybe not in the definition others have for succeed, but from a Biblical (eternal) standpoint we’re supposed to be the historical figures who stood up when things were getting rough.

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        The Olympics…for Kinda Olympic Athletes I Guess

        QIC:  Bandcamp

        Date: Feb 17, 2021

        PAX: Tasty Cakes, Geek Squad, Milkman, Ponce de Leon (Respect), Cleaver, Sherlock

        AO: Shot House


        Pretty cold, my nuts were pretty far retracted into my body. Otherwise dry, maybe a small wind fart here and there. Perfect for Winter Olympics.


        15 Side Straddle Hops, cadence

        10 Willy Mays Haze, cadence

        Quad stretches, OYO

        20 Calf Raises, cadence

        10 seconds toe pointers, OYO

        10 Side Straddle Hops, cadence

        Seated Butterfly stretch, 20 seconds OYO

        10 Little Baby Arm Circles, cadence, each direction

        Side planks-10 seconds each side

        Cobra 15 seconds OYO

        The Thang

        5 Olympic Rings

        [2 person relay Dora’s]:

        Split into two person teams (Person A and Person B)

        Person A side shuffles (karaoke) to other side of track, holds plank position once there

        Person B is in plank until Person A is on other side, then side shuffles (karaokes) to Person A

        Wait for 6

        Person A then power skips (Mario-style) to other side of track, starts LBC’s

        Person B performs LBC’s until Person A is in position, then power skips to Person A

        Wait for 6

        Person A runs Bernies to other side of track, then starts Freddy Mercuries

        Person B performs Freddy Mercuries until Person A is in position, Bernies to Person A

        Wait for 6

        Person A lunges to other side of the track, then starts mountain climbers

        Person B mountain climbs until Person A is in position, then lunges to Person A

        Wait for 6

        Person A jailbreaks to the other side of the track, then starts Merkins

        Person B performs Merkins until Person A is in position, then jailbreaks to Person A

        Biathlon”…everybody doing this simultaneously

        Ski to location—power jumps 25 meters at a time

        Get into shooting position—5 good burpees, slow if needed

        Adjust shooting position—10 hard count alternating arm planks (elbows down if possible)

        Shoot!—1 slow push-up (down 5, up 5 on my count)

        Get back up—5 more good burpees

        Wait for 6

        Rinse and Repeat as Necessary, 4 iterations planned (only 1 executed in reality)

        Speed Skating!!

        2-3 men line up at a time

        For 20 yards, Heismans (leaping out to each foot, holding the Heisman trophy position)…arm position optional and probably wouldn’t help anyway

        For 30 yards, jailbreak!!!

        Winner of the brackets picks the last exercise (this ended up being Milkman, who picked 30 elbow-to-knee squats)


        “Run the race as if to win”

        1 Corinthians 9:24-27

        We men must train our minds and hearts, just like our bodies, so that we can “win the race”. For the Christian, in this context it means serving others and reaching out to them to win them to Christ. It also means treat each day as a new challenge to conquer, and in another metaphor, treat each day as if you’re going to war.

        This is a challenge for me because it’s so easy to get sucked into a routine. I’m probably the youngest one here, and it’s a struggle even for me to break routine for small things. Our careers, families, property, and land all require our attention, and it’s easy to get distracted. Let this serve as a reminder that things can change real quick, and what we put off today may not be around tomorrow. I think COVID has done a great job of that. Treating each day as a new day is definitely most important when we’re talking about people in our community, people who need help. An old army saying goes something like this: Let’s keep our eyes peeled and our powder dry. We men of F3 stand at the ready to serve, so let’s do it with energy and precision!


        This was a very cold workout. I’m glad the men showed up to participate. Milkman won the competitive event, so he gets a gold medal? Gold disk? Gold shoes? Anyway, the important thing is that today America won the Olympic Events at F3. ‘Nuff said.

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          This One Time at Band Camp….from Hell

          QIC:  Bandcamp

          Date: 07/22/2020

          PAX: Goose, Chief, Rodeo, Burrito, Recycle, Moneyball, Mr. Met, Pebbles, Skitch, Care Bear, Iron Butt [Respect, Respect], Xena, Chum, Hambone [Respect], Ohms

          AO: Lion’s Den


          Dark, warm and humid. Perfect for waking up the neighbors with poorly arranged pop tunes played by incapable musicians.


          I started the morning off with an introduction by the master musician (myself) marching while playing a musical instrument. A worthy demonstration in my tube socks, sunglasses, marching band shirt, and sun-screened nose (just in case). I looked ridiculous, but it was a sacrifice the PAX was willing to make.


          Really annoying marching band music I found on Spotify. Had to set the mood just right.


          15 SSH’s in cadence

          Overhead arm pull (10 seconds each arm)

          14 Michael Phelps

          Willy Mays Haze (5 each leg, 10 total)

          10 second Quad stretch

          The Thang

          1. So your parents made you join band to make friends, eh? Time to learn to march!

          PAX makes a circle, everyone faces to the right

          • Lunges for 30 seconds in a circle
          • PAX faces left
          • Squat jumps for 30 seconds (height is goal vs distance)
          • PAX faces right
          • High knees for 30 seconds
          • PAX faces left
          • Butt kickers for 30 seconds

          Rinse and repeat 3 times

          2. Great! You know how to march! Time to pick your instrument…

          PAX separated into 4 groups

          Station 1 brass/trombone

          If you like eating a lot of food, this is for you! Gotta get those trombone slides perfect…Pick up your block and perform the following, single rep each for 1 complete rep

          • Shoulder press
          • Arm extension
          • Standing row (straight back)

          Complete at least 10 full reps (slowly)

          Once you have completed 3 rounds (30 reps), drop your brick, mosey around the parking lot and proceed to the middle circle…

          Station 2 woodwinds

          If you like to lick things, this just might be the instrument group for you! Our horn flashes need to be snappy, play high and proud!

          • 10 Block swings from between legs up to chest height (straight back)
          • Slow American hammers (with block—be careful), 10 reps each side
          • 10 Block pushups

          Once you have completed 3 rounds, drop your brick, mosey around the parking lot and proceed to the middle circle…

          Station 3 percussion

          This is where the losers hang out, feel free to beat stuff with a stick. Let’s get you playing…

          • 10 fast cymbal crashes (clappers), hold arms extended 20 seconds, 10 more fast cymbal crashes
          • See how long you can hold those cymbals off the ground! Hold merican position, alternate lifting each hand off the ground for 5 seconds, focusing on core form. 5 reps each hand (10 total)
          • Curl with your snare drum! 10 arm curls with blocks

          Once you have completed 3 rounds, drop your brick, mosey around the parking lot and proceed to the middle circle…

          Station 4 color guard

          Questionable life decisions have led up to this point, but at least you get to hold a rifle…it’s fake but you don’t tell people that. Instead you’re hanging out with girls who couldn’t make the cheerleading team. Bring out those colors, girls!

          • Rotate those flags! Hold squat position and carefully rotate block with arms extended in front of you, 10 seconds
          • Get those glutes ready for spandex pants! 10 Plank jacks
          • Suck in your gut, we’re supposed to be the pretty part of band! 10 Freddy Mercury’s (each side)

          Once you have completed 3 rounds, drop your brick, mosey a lap around the parking lot and proceed to the middle…

          Once in the middle

          You’re already done trying out that instrument group? You must not have liked it. Maybe you can be a band groupie!

          Alternate the following (your choice of starting exercise):

          • Lift the band equipment into the truck! 5 low half curls, 5 high half curls, 5 full curls
          • Get in the truck and pull the cases above you! Legs extended toe touch oblique sit-ups (5 each leg)
          • Don’t just stand there…do something! 5 burpees OR double count SSH’s if you’re exhausted

          Continue these three exercises until the 6 is in (from all groups). When everyone is in, each group rotates to the next station. Make sure to grab your appropriate block from your prior station.

          Once PAX completes one round of each group, they stay in a circle.

          3. You notice a girl from the other side of camp. She may not be everyone’s squeeze, but besides her bifocal glasses, orthodontic headgear, and Princess Leigh hair buns, you think she’s pretty cute. That night, you have the weirdest dream…

          PAX gathers in a circle, everyone gets into the low plank position.

          The Wet Dream

          • start in plank position
          • 2 pickle pounders
          • Rotate to right onto your 6
          • 2 pickle pointers
          • Rotate to left into plank

          This is done in cadence (15 count total). The rotations are alternated after each rep to work each side equally. We could only complete 3 reps because PAX was laughing too much.

          4. The guys from tennis camp stole our equipment, we have to chase them down!

          All of PAX lines up at bottom of hill

          Jail Break to 5th light pole, mosey back in victory


          1 Corinthians 13 says we put childish things away as we grow older. We stop drinking milk and start eating meat. This is a call to learn what you believe, and it’s also a call to live what you learn.


          Shout out to Mr. Clean for printing the exercises for each station. It would’ve been way too hard for PAX to do that while wearing the appropriate protection (on their hands). Oh and thanks to Moneyball for being the “always ready AOQ” with some tape. Now we are all entitled to say “this one time at band camp”…


          Lots of fun convergence events and VQ’s coming up all around Chattanooga AO’s in the next few weeks. Don’t be a sissy, get out there!!

          Recent Backblasts

            Running Away from Bullets…This Day in History (WWII-themed)

            QIC:  Band Camp

            Date: 06/04/2020

            PAX: Fissure, Mr. Clean, The Count, Cable Cutter, Hasbro, U-Turn, Money Ball, Ducktales, Slois Lane, Mr. Met, Blindside

            AO: The Huey


            68 degrees and clear. As a side note my man parts were shriveled up in excitement for this VQ.


            19 ‘mericans OYO

            22.5 (45 total) cadence Side straddle hops

            [19 and 45…1945 when the war ended]

            10 cadence front/back arm circles

            10 cadence Michael Phelps

            10 cadence billy Mays heys

            OYO high kicks, 5 count each leg (kick the fuehrer in his pink girly pantyhose)

            15 seconds cobra stretch

            The Thang

            Evacuation of Dunkirk (last day June 4, 1940):


            British soldiers running from Nazi forces…running along the beach with a sea wall barrier, but there are some gaps in the sea wall where Germans can mow us down…

            1. Single file group run, stop at designated lights [hole in sea wall]—everyone low squat, 1 person jail break past everyone to next light, hold plank…1 at a time starting with 6 and ending with lead. Recover and group run to the next “hole in sea wall” (3 iterations)

            We’ve made it to the evacuation zone, but now we’re stuck at the beachfront and need to escape to England…

            2a. Row your boat out to England—American hammers (30 seconds)

            German Messerschmitts strafe the boats we’re on…jump ship! Swim to safety!

            2b. Prone row or Superman w flutter kick (30 seconds)

            Repeat these two exercises

            Battle of Midway (starting June 4, 1942):


            Fortify the island from Japanese aircraft! Dig!!

            1a. Plank position shoulder taps (30 seconds)

            1b. Mountain climbers (30 seconds)

            Repeat these 2 exercises a few times

            (We took a break after 2 full iterations, then continued “digging”, 3 iterations total)

            Duck for cover from Japanese bombers!

            2. Fire feet, then burpees when Q shouts “incoming!” – 2.5-3 minutes

            US dive bombers attack the Japanese fleet…Two-man planes…one pilot/bomber and one rear gunner

            Separated into 4 groups of 3…

            3a. Odd number rows dive bombers (10 reps OYO)

            3b. Even number rows big boy sit-ups (10 reps OYO)

            …switch up and repeat (2 full iterations)

            (For you imaginative types: the dive bombers are the pilots and the sit-ups are the rear gunners)

            Captured U-Boat (U-505) (June 4, 1944):


            We found a U-boat!! Swim to it!!

            1a. Flutter kicks (25 cadence)

            1b. Freddy mercuries (25 cadence)

            This is 50 reps total each if you’re a math nerd…U-505…get it?

            We’ve reached the U-boat but there may be combatants inside…we need to check it out and open all the hatches

            Form 2 lines

            2. Each line bear crawl about 10-15 meters, and 1 Donkey kick (kick the hatches open), mosey back to start

            2 full iterations

            We’ve taken prisoners!!

            3. Imperial walkers (25 cadence)

            4. Mosey back to flag in victory

            BONUS ROUND!!!

            D-day prep (June 6 1944 was when battle started):


            We’re on troop carriers with like a million other dudes…it’s pretty cramped in here…

            1a. Monkey humpers (30 seconds) [hanging out in your assigned rack]

            1b. Side straddle hops (10 in cadence) [taking a moment to stretch]

            Wash, rinse, repeat (2 full iterations)

            I was about to end the workout 3 minutes early, but The Count suggested Mary’s…

            1. American hammers

            2. Freddy Mercuries

            3. Little Baby Crunches

            4. Pickle pointers (cuz why not?)…The Count mentioned something about summer being upon us and getting our glutes ready for thong season


            “Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king.”

            1 Peter 2:17 NASB

            Often used incorrectly to oppress people groups when taken out of context…we’re called to operate where we are and love others. For the Christian it means we have a higher goal than what’s going on immediately around us

            “But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

            1 Corinthians 13:13 NASB

            Take care of brothers, take care of families

            Christians are called to abide by these three ideas.

            “And if one can overpower him who is alone, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart.”

            Ecclesiastes 4:12 NASB

            Soldiers don’t win wars by themselves, find a battle buddy and stick with them

            A string of three cords is not easily broken

            Things may be out of our control, but we aren’t in charge of the world, we’re put in this moment to serve those directly around us, not just those we place in our line of sight


            This was my VQ…I got a lot of support and I appreciate everyone who came out and offered encouragement. I hope everyone had a fun time (it seemed like everyone did), and we’ve spotted some more possible VQ’s in the near future…to be continued…


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