Boat Ramp and Route 66

The PAX: Gus, Angus, Nose Dive, Dimples, Barbie, Steam Engine, Derby
The Scene: 38 of goodness
Welcome & Disclaimer
The Thang:Cherry Pickers mosey to tennis court wheelbarrow with 5 merkins at each line and switch at next court x2
Mosey to hill sundial merkins
Mosey to boat ramp: squat with press x25 (lunge down boat ramp/back pedal up ramp) curls x25 down ramp and back up 20, 15, 10
Route 66  with burpees and BB situps
11’s derkins/dips
COT: Number / Name o rama
BOM: Reap what you sow. Be consisten with the small things
Moleskin: Great morning and fun group. Dreamill has many good days ahead.