Music City Q in the Nooga

20 degrees of fun awaited the PAX of Chatty.  YHC hits the head for a lil post mortem from last night’s Tombstone and we’re off.
Slaughter Starter:
10 Burpee’s, nine squats, eight Burpee’s, seven squats, six Burpee’s, five squats, for Burpee’s, response, to Burpee’s, one squat, 10 Burpee’s.  Ripped from OBT and a Q he and DREDD performed recently.
Mosey with coupon, reverse mosey, high knees, butt kickers, side shuffle right, left,
Circle Up
Side straddle hop x 22, GMA x 22, Imperial Walker x 11, hillbilly x 11, Willie Mays Hayes with baby arm circle right side and RBAC left side x 11
Hand off to blue mule
Mosey with coupon down to parking lot by boat ramp
PAX perform designated exercises
PAX 1:Burpee Broadjump X7 out and back
PAX 2:Overhead claps
PAX 3:Overhead press with coupon
PAX 4:Squat with coupon
PAX 5:Flutter kicks
2 moves to BBJ, 3 to OH Claps, 4 to OH Press 5 to Squat and 1 to F Kix
Rinse and repeat
200 m sprint replaces Burpee Broadjump
Hand off to BV
Curb crawl 12s with Merkens
Feet on curb 12 Merkens bear crawl 20 m 11 Merkens, crawl mayor 20 m 10 Merkens and so on down to zero
Indian run with coupon back to a Caballo Blanco
BTTWX5 with Merkens
Mosey to the light pole for some light pole BLIMPS
5 Burpees LP 1
10 Lunge walks LP2
15 Iron Crosses
20 Merkins
25 Plank Jax
30 Squats
Indian run back to Caballo Blanco
PAX leapfrog around half of building
Insert dissertation on meaning of F3
10 pull-ups at playground for good measure
Flutter kix, hello Dolly, World War I sit ups, kick outs, 20 Squat jumps, crunchy frog, American hammer
Welcome FNG : Willy B an IPTAY’r that we lovingly named after Cocks Stadium Williams Bryce
Work was put in down at Rivermont Park this am.  T Claps to Blue Mule for Co-Qing this small but hearty band of men.  T Claps to Steam Engine for buying my cup of Joe this am.  Incidentally, cup of Joe comes from the Secretary of the Navy who pulled alcohol from naval ships back in the 30’s…Joecephus Davis…look it up, it’s true.
This region will be strong one day.  Lots of bearded millennials, outdoor stores and craft beer in Nooga to recruit to.  Always be EH’ing men!
Be sure to get a copy of Freed to Lead and learn the real meaning and story of F3.  Probably more factual than YHC’s diatribe this am.