Dads and Log Forts

QIC: Skitch

Date: 05/09/2019

PAX: Blindside, Chief, Dirk, Fabio, Fissure, Hobo, Iron Butt (Respect 2x), Laces Out (Respect), Loan Shark, Money Ball, Peanuts, Prosciutto, Red Tees, Sunburn (Respect), Sunshine, Threeskin, VSquared

AO: Hill City


60’s,  a little wind, finished off with a red sky as if a storm would be coming later in the day. As if.


Mosey to Great Hall. SSH x 21 IC, Forward Fold, Merkins x 21 single count OYO, Imperial Walkers x 21 IC.

The Thang

Mosey past the hills, pause. Mosey to Renaissance Ring a/k/a the future log fort.

Hunt and gather log fort building
Hold low dip during explanation of hunt and gather fort-building. Mosey to new wooded trail. Lunge on trail as a group until locate large logs. 3+ persons carry each log walking them back to the Renaissance Ring and stack them at the entrance of the ring forming a barricade to keep out the bad guys. Once in the fort, 21 dips + 7 decline merkins (or 14 squats). Repeat trips to wooded trail (without lunges), looking for big logs and hoisting them on shoulders, etc. in groups of 3+ and walk (or jog) them back to the fort. Repeat dips and decline merkins in fort. After fort entrance barricade is complete, return all logs back to wooded trail in groups of 3+.

Mosey back to Great Hall. 50 Merkins in 3 minutes or less OYO. Wall sits with or without overhead press until 6.

Mosey back to start. Hold low plank until 6. 100 Big Boy Situps – kinda, sorta in cadence. Time.


Workout in honor of my Dad, Lord Lindsay, who posted at Landfill for his first post (he lives out of town) last Saturday. Today is his 63rd birthday and the counts of 7, 14, & 21 may or may not have added up to 63 at various points of the workout. The 50 merkins and 100 Big Boy Situps were in honor of my Dad’s regimen of said exercises 2 times a week (or so) for the past 30+ years and counting. My Dad is my hero.

No matter how good a Dad is, every Dad gives Dad wounds to his kids, and every kid has Dad wounds from his Dad. Wounds of shame or not living up to expectations, etc. That’s why Matthew 3:17 speaks deeply to my soul when God audibly speaks and says of his son Jesus: “…a voice from heaven said, ‘This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.'” For me, since Jesus has removed my shame and guilt, I now have the same favor with my Heavenly Father. He is well pleased with me. He loves me. Encouraged all men to love and honor their Dad, if living, and to love their kids if they are a Dad. In any event, if Jesus has taken your shame and guilt, remember you have your Heavenly Father’s favor.

Prayer requests and BOM.


We did not get wet today, but we almost got sprayed with fertilizer. We skillfully avoided it and abandoned our logless fort consequently. We didn’t really go up any hills. 100 Big Boy Situps is a lot. It didn’t really feel like F3 light, despite rumors.


May 27 Memorial Day Murph

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