Limey Bastard – 9-Volt – 05/08 (Battery)

QIC: 9-Volt

Date: 05/08/2019

PAX: Mrs. Baker, WuzntMe, Sidewinder, Deep Dish

AO: The Battery


Clear and 56 degrees


SSHx20, Squatsx20, SSHx20, LBAC Fwdx20, Bckx20, Sealclapx20, Mosey around the dog park.

The Thang

Gab your sack and run
Everyone gets a 40lb bag of lime.  PAX peforms  an interval of 1 minute of exercise and 1 minute of moving. The exercises are dealers choice but should involve the 40lb bag. The mode of travel alternates between a standard mosey, Bernie Sanders, Lunges and walking.

Prayer requests and BOM


Running with a sack of lime is like a gateway drug for rucking


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