Cut down the tallest tree… with a HERRING!

QIC: 9 Volt

Date: 07/24/2019

PAX: Mrs Baker, Fastlane, Deep Dish,  Clothespin, Topless, Oiler, Sparky, Home Alone 

AO: The Battery




Mosey to top of Mount Evil
SSH ICx20,  Squats ICx20, Baby arm circle fwdx15, revx15, sealclapx15, SSH ICx20, Forward fold ICx10, High Knees ICx20, Willy Maze Haze ICx10

The Thang

Mount Evil Suicides
PAX runs down and back up between exercises
     Turn around when leader passes you
      Do 1 extra rep for every person you pass

1. 15 Smurf Jacks
2. 20 Merkins
3. 20 Crab jacks
4. 30 calf raises
5. 10 Cap’t Thor (In the grass or you’ll get an F3 tramp stamp)
6. 10 Carolina Dry Docks
7. 10 LBC
8. 20 Lunge
9. 25 Wide Merkins
10. 20 SSH
11. 10 Herpees

Bernie Sanders to the flags


Prayers for Fastlane’s grandmother-in-law and Sparky’s father
While planning today’s workout I asked my son which exercise he hated most.  The answer was hill sprints.  Wisdom of the day is “Don’t aske and 18 year old for advice”


  • Deep Dish happily did 8 extra of every exercise

Scenic City Mud Run – Sept 7 @ Greenway Farms in Hixon TN
VQ – Mayhem this friday at the Hacksaw
VQ – Clothespin this Saturday at the Battery


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