5×400 and Upper, Middle, Lower (UML) – Couch Potato VQ

QIC: Couch Potato

Date: 09/25/2019

PAX: Freetime, Hasbro, Ducktales, U-Turn, Fissure

AO: Huey


Satisfactory…actually pretty nice, cool and clear


2 x 400s at a conversational pace

Stretching; 2x shoulder stretches, forward fold, surfer, pigeon

400s and UML

400 meters at 95%, 30x pushups, 30x situps, 30x squats

400 meters at 95%, 20x wide arm PU, 60 seconds alternating spiderman plank variation, squat hold (chair pose)

400 meters at 95%, 10 diam PU, sunshine-banana-superman rolls, rocket launchers

400 meters at 95%, 10 dive bombers, 10x reverse burpee

400 meters at 100%, buddy elevated PU, scorpion


Quick discussion on Sebastian Junger’s book “Tribe”, and how we should appreciate having one, since most American men, AKA sad clowns, don’t. 

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