Don’t Hold Back

QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 12/26/2019

PAX: Bumblebee, Burrito, The Count, Gusher, Whittler

AO: Smackdown


mid-40s, day after Christmas and no sign or promise of snow anywhere. Spring blooms will soon be here.


A few weird running laps and then a jail break to the flag…to be discussed later

High Knees
Butt Kickers
Forward Fold
Inch Worm

The Thang

FiA is creative…
3 Rounds of different Burpees and Assortment
1 – Superman Burpee / LBC / Fire Hydrant
2 – Star Jump Burpee / BBSU / Parker Peter
3 – Plank Jack Burpee / Leg Raise / Superman (Hold)

Wall Sit Superset
Grab a wall sit and perform these three rounds
1 – Muhammad Ali / Joe Frasier / Ray Lewis IC / Smurf Jacks IC
2 – Muhammad Ali / Joe Frasier / Bus Drivers IC / Smurf Jacks IC
3 – Muhammad Ali / Joe Frasier IC / Smurf Jacks IC

Stairway Beast
6 of each exercise all the way through each round
1 – Bleacher Box Jump / Squats x 6
2 – Bleacher Box Jump / Lunge x 6 (each leg)
3 – Bleacher Box Jump / Jump Squat x 6

Repeat 4x

Pull Ups and Burpees
Count off Pax for order; Each Pax takes a turn at the pull up bars
The amount of pull ups the man of purpose takes, the pax reply with that same number in burpees.

All total for this round- 6 guys performed 40 pull-ups and burpees collectively. We did the math.


Saw a great clip of Nick Saban addressing his team at practice after his players had just run 5 sprints, he said this,
“I just have one question… If you run your last sprint faster than your other five, what’s holding you back?? Your talent is your greatest nemesis when it comes to your mindset. Especially the young guys here who have talent. You’ve always been the best player on your team. And now all the sudden you’ve gotta pay attention to detail and compete with people, you don’t really know how. So, you can learn how! It’s a choice, it’s a decision that everybody can make. Don’t let your talent be your nemesis.”


  • The message I had in mind to share in the COT drove my desire to see how everyone would respond to the request to jail break at the beginning of the workout when we were fresh out of the fartsack…to test our nemesis.
  • Burrito ran extra credit sprints because he knew he could do better
  • Peanut butter M&Ms don’t make you better in the gloom
  • Mom jokes just before the prayer are… awkward. It felt right with Burrito and Whittler there. Don’t let yourself be fooled.
  • The Count is awesome; he’s a baaaad mother rucker


Annual end of year Christmas Party 1/13; #gloomies channel on slack for more detail

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