#Smackdown AMRAP’n

QIC:  Recycle

Date: 06/09/2020

PAX: Prosciutto, Hambone, Afterbirth, Bumblebee, Pomade, Laces Out (RESPECT), The Count (RESPECT RESPECT), Holy Kiss, Red Raider, Truck Stop, Pediasure, Pound Dog

AO: Smackdown


72 degrees, little foggy, light drizzle but not enough to keep Pomade at home


1 Lap Mosey
SSH x15 IC
FF x10 IC
WMH x10 IC
TGE x10 IC
Rev x10 IC
OC x10 IC
SSH x15 IC

The Thang

PAX count off into three groups

Three stations: East goalpost, moseyers (those who mosey? those doing the moseying?), and West goalpost

PAX AMRAP three rounds of CPRs at East goalpost and three rounds of manmaker merkins at West goalpost with a nice 120 yard coupon mosey in between. Flapjack when moseyers reach your station.

Next three rounds, PAX AMRAP 8 count bodybuilders at East goalpost and Lion Kings at West goalpost. Flapjacking again with those doing the moseying.

Hello Dollys x10 IC
Flutter kicks x10 IC
Rocky IVs x10 IC
Sweat Angels x10 IC
Freddie Mercurys x10 IC
LBCs x15 OYO



QIC shared F3 Nation’s “statement” that was released this past weekend.

Highlights: F3 has 5 core principles; the 2nd is F3 workouts are open to ALL men. We are not virtue signalers, we are DOERS. HIMs have a great opportunity in our society’s current leadership famine to step up by showing grace, mercy and love to others regardless if they share your same beliefs or not.

Be a uniter!


Playlist: Stone Temple Pilots, Stereo MCs, Warren G, Alice In Chains, Eve 6, Black Crowes (just like 1994)

The mumble chatter started strong even with Burrito absent, but died out about halfway through The Thang. It was replaced with grunts and plenty of pain noises.

Red Raider looks majestic sprinting with a coupon!


TWO #smackdown VQs next week! Hambone on Tuesday 6/16 and Pediasure on Thursday 6/18. Get those HCs in now!

July 4th Convergence at the #battlefield AO. 0700.

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