The Principles Detention

QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 09/02/2020

PAX: She Shed, Sherlock, Milkman, Mr. Clean, Cleaver, The Count, Lloyd, Big Al

AO: Detention


At Seventy-two
Air burdened with dense moisture
Fuzzy lap flounder


SSH x whenever Lloyd decided to stroll up
Forward Fold
Wilhelm Mays Haynesworth
Don Quixote
Probably something else

The Thang

Run down hill
French Dips
Dips with a hint of democracy

Continue Run
4 sprints; something mentioned about Herb Brooks in Miracle

Run to the incline heading towards the Hixson Community Center
Merkin at bottom; Bernie up Hill to dark light pole Squats at top; mosey down

Head to HCC wall
Balls to the Wall (BTTW)
Hold balls to the wall while having fellowship, conversation, light-hearted humour and discussing the principles of F3

Shuffle to the starting parking lot
Coney Island
Hambone’s cones flank the parking lot spaces, set roughly 8 yards distance. Perform movement to first cone and execute 5 reps, then retreat back to start cone. Perform movement to second cone and execute 10 reps, then retreat back to start cone. Do the same for the last cone with 15 reps. 5 , 10, 15 (format below shown as Movement / Exercise)
1) Burpee Broad Jump / Hand Release Merkins
2) Bear Crawl / Plank Jacks
**Shortened due to time constraints

Shuffle back to the wall
Wall Sit Super set
Wall sit while performing exercises in cadence
Masimiliano Ali IC; Smurf Jacks x 7
Giuseppi Frazier; Smurf Jacks x 7
Rafaello Lewis; Smurf Jacks x 7
Bus Drivers; mosey to startex

2 minutes of Mary
Heel Touches


So, real talk. The principles of F3 persist deeply through all the F’s. At first glance, they appear very tightly coupled with the first-F only. That is, if you see them for face value.

So, Gusher (fitting for this discussion) – who serves as a real-life biblical concordance of scripture to me at times – is one of my go-to dudes for all things life and personal mentorship; in many ways, he’s like a shield-lock for me (am I to him?? – Read on). I asked him if he could provide any wisdom or virtue from scripture about a Free Men’s leadership group, which is peer-led, meets outside rain or shine, and ends in a circle of trust. You know, like, all the principles. What I expected was his typical witty banter suggesting that the Bible doesn’t necessarily favor cultish types of groups, nor does it offer advisement on such risky things like monkey humpers or pickle pounding. To my dismay, what he provided was spectacular; it is what I shared.

Proverbs talks about the danger of isolating oneself. Men need community and proximate male relationships.

“A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; He rages against all wise judgment”. Proverbs 18:1

“A wise man will hear and increase learning, And a man of understanding will attain wise counsel”. Proverbs 1:5

To be wise, we must surround ourselves with choice men. Like those we find in F3.

My time in F3 has afforded me the incredible opportunity to meet a number of choice men; too many to name. It is entirely because of the community that surround me that I’m not the same as I first arrived. Unto my own, I’m of very low value to society and offer little in terms of a navigational beacon for others’ morality. Admittedly, I’m a better and more improved version of the man I once was.

Hard Disclaimer: For the haters, if you don’t like me now, imagine how awful I once was! But this is as good as I get. Mea culpa.

Seek out relationships to draw closer to those that you frequently meet in the early hours of our days. The proximate relationship and example you share and receive will make a difference in your life.


  • Snatch can now tell you all about peer-led workouts; ask him sometime.
  • Big Al allegedly attended “higher education” in Alabama (lol-what?). I cannot remember the name, it didn’t ring a bell. He swore it was a 4-year accredited university. I wasn’t aware that any Alabama schools qualified for accreditation across the national education system.
  • She Shed is a long-haired hater; but he commented on my Bruce Jenner look. He’s jelly
  • Mr. Clean sweats so much. The end.
  • Public shaming and condemnation aside, this is the very first Detention backblast on record. Let it be said, let it be known. All other AOQs before me (of which there were 5) had the opportunity slip through their fingers. Only one can be the first. Thank you.


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