Remember, Honor, Rebuild


Date: 9/11/20

PAX: Tatonka, Coldplay, Cavity Search, Crawdaddy, Abercrombie, Rollback, John Doe, FNG – Bonsai

AO: Parliament


Low 70’s. Humid 



SSH x 11 IC


Forward Fold x11 IC


SSH x11 IC

Overhead Press x11 IC

High Knees (until recover)

The Thang

We remembered the civilian casualties, and did reps to honor those who lost their lives trying to help them

343m run – for the FDNY

37 pace bear crawl – for the PAPD

23 merkins – for the NYPD

8 burpees – for the emergency medical technicians

1 man maker (blockee) – for the sole patrolman

*3 rounds of the above were completed, with leading PAX picking up the six and assisting with additional reps

Next, we recognized the 110 flights of stairs that were climbed by the firefighters (FDNY)

There are bleachers on both sides of the 400m track, and they were incorporated in a lap as follows:

30 LBC’s at the base of the first set of bleachers, PAX ran up the stairs to the top of the bleachers, across the top, and back down the other side, ending with 25 merkins. Continue on the track to the other side of the football field, and repeat 30 LBC’s and 25 merkins on the starting and finishing ends of the bleacher run. Finish the lap. 30+25+30+25=110



QIC shared with PAX his memory of discovering that we were under attack on 9/11/01. Where I was, and who I was with. We all have a story, and will never forget the feeling in our guts at that moment. Today brings that feeling back like it was yesterday. An act of hate did an immense amount of damage 19 years ago. With the devastation and mourning of the lives lost, also came concern about the future of our country, our safety, and our economy. With time, determination, fellow man coming together, and Lord Jesus, we were able to rebuild our economy and take down the leader responsible for the attack. Life is unpredictable and we can only do our best at dealing with tragedy… and we learn how along the way. Today, our country deals with a new challenge with the Covid pandemic as well as internal hatred occurring in our own country amongst each other. Although we will never forget… this too can be recovered from. Our God is at work, and we must do our part to eliminate hate and come together as a nation in order to make ANY progress. It was an honor to lead today, in honoring and remembering those lives lost on 9/11/01. Continuous prayers for their family members who mourn those lives of their loved ones. 


Merlot was splashed by our FNG – Bonsai. I continued Q’ing the beatdown as fellow PAX made sure he was ok. Once empty… Bonsai continued, and finished the remaining 15 minutes. Brining in his six, I explained our lovely term of splashing merlot, as well as our ideal of picking up the six. Encouraged him that we all get better here and we do it together. He will be back

After we prayed, some PAX shared stories of where they were when they found out about the horror on this day in 2001. Crawdaddy had something really cool to share, y’all should ask him about it sometime

The Twin Towers were rebuilt with coupons, and stood behind us for a glorious team photo in the gloom post beatdown





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