Pickled Reformation

QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 09/12/2020

PAX: Afterbirth, Blue, Hambone, Laces Out, Milkman

AO: Reformation


Humidity was thicccly, like…. a milkshake from Bruster’s. A relatively quiet scene until the county cop, the sheriff and the signal mountain police showed up with lights on behind the church. I’m not sure what they could be doing at 5:30am, but, this time they weren’t worried about the men of F3. Maybe they were searching for a naked burrito. Didn’t have the heart to tell them he’s been MIA from Reformation since 1993.

Very little light and visibility. The crew, though smallish, was ready to do get along with what they had come to do and that’s where this story begins…


Mostly stretching, shoulder taps, slow tempo merkins and great conversation.

With muscles stretched, we set out for a merkin mile run interrupted with EMOM (10 monkey humpers). Mile loop back to the parking lot for the thang.

The Thang

A little spin on a familiar dora. This time, though, the exercise called was more of a routine; and each rep was more like a round. Fabulous.

Pair up – P1 run & burpee; P2 performs exercise/routine
Steroidal Dora
P1 out and back to a point 3 times. First time, 1 burpee, second, 2 burpees, third time, 3 burpees
P2 performs the following until the team collectively reaches the total reps.

R1: Worst Merkins Ever x 100 50
R2: Jump Squats x 100
R3: 4×4’s x 100 50

That was enough of that trash. What was I thinking!?

So then we moved onto playing a little game from childhood; Pickle!

Afterbirth had to remind me that it was a team game, not a two-on-one. Once that got fixed, it was game on!

Rules were pretty simple. If the defensive side lost, they did (what else?) pickle pounders – otherwise the runner did the pounding pickle. (Note: Penalties began as burpees, but that was veto’d after a few rounds as that was nonsensical.)


Just started the journey through the word this past week with the journal from Laces Out. I’ve not spent much time reading chunks of scripture in linear fashion. So, it’s a wonderful exercise and a test to do it as a daily task. A recent passage was from Matthew 3: 1-12.

In these verses, John the Baptist is introduced and he’s quoting a verse from Isaiah 40; “Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.” The verses go on to illustrate a picture of John baptizing droves of people from Jerusalem and Judea; lands near and far. Some such folks were the Pharisees and Sadducees (the two major religious groups in Israel at the time of Christ). Strangely enough, each of these two groups strongly opposed Jesus.

John exhorted the people not to just hypocritically repent because the promise and proximity of the Kingdom of Heaven, but rather to repent with one’s whole self – mind, body and spirit. John’s way of preaching was not just of one delivering the law of God, but also too, he lived that way as well. Pretty simple takeaway; ‘Practice what you preach’

It’s too easy to say something or do something and follow through by going through the motions. It’s another to do so with investment of that thought and action.

TL;DR – Explained delicately from my youthful hood-life: “If you don’t come strong, don’t come at all.”


It was great to have guys from off the mountain (Blue and Milkman) to help draw down Reformation. So long, Reformation, it was a good ride.

Which begs the question… What happens after Reformation? ReReformation?! …No… duh! Convoy…. What a very interesting story; NOT! In a weird pickle with this AO naming business.


Reformation has expired. Convoy starts up at SMMHS @ 05:30am on Monday, 09/14. Go Get sum!!!

Prayers for Laces Out’s daughter, Hambone’s mother and all those suffering from Iron Pax injuries/soreness.

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