I Hope Nobody Needs Their Legs This Weekend….

QIC: Blackout

Date: 03/11/2022

PAX: Breaststroke, Cavity Search, Tatonka, Woodrider

AO: Parliament


Weather felt nice; little wind and mid 40s


Mosey to corner of track

  • FF – oyo
  • WMH – x10
  • SSH – x20
  • Arm Circles – x10
  • Reverse Arm Circles – x10

The Thang

DORA – Leg Style

Pax paired off and performed the following exercises; One Pax ran length of 125 meters or so on track and back while other did exercises and then flip flop

  • Burpees – 75
  • Lunges – 100
  • Squats – 150
  • Monkey Humpers – 200
  • Toe Merkins – 250

Lunged from corner of track to first entrance by bleachers (approximately 30 meters). Wall sit for 90 seconds.

Bleacher 11s – Leg Style

PAX performed elevens on the bleachers with the following two exercises: Bonnie Blairs (10 down to 3) and Squats (1 up to 8); We stopped a little short to get in SALLY (See below) In between Bonnie Blairs and Squats, PAX, ran/moseyed/crawled up and down bleachers

Finished with Bring Sally up and Bring Sally down, but with squats instead of merkins


Spoke of the 7th abomination in the bible “He that sows discord among the brethren”. We have a duty to always strive for the unity of the church. God issued a warning that he would destroy anybody who divided and destroyed his church. The church in this sense isn’t a physical building, etc. but rather the unity of brothers and sisters in Christ. I spoke about the current culture and how it is normal to talk about people or judge others, especially behind a computer/phone screen. Our society makes it too easy to divide the church. I challenged myself and the PAX to two things: 1. Don’t judge or condemn others even when society says it is “normal” and 2. If you need to be forgiven, apologize and ask for it and if you need to forgive, do it. Don’t wait, do it immediately to restore those relationships and build unity amongst the church.


“Woodrider, what is that growing on your head” – Cavity Search during forward folds

Before the beatdown, Woodrider said “I have done legs all week, if you have a DORA with squats involved, I am leaving” To which, Q replied, “see you soon then”….Woodrider didn’t actually leave

Turns out my phone is actually louder than when I try to play my phone through my speaker….who would have thought?

The bleachers were considered unnecessary and even deemed evil….sorry fellas!


3rd F – Chubby’s
4th F weekend – reach out to WuzntMe
CSAUP at The Battery April 23, poker style. Chance to win a block win 9 volt handles!

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