Kiss The Groundhog

QIC: 9-Volt

Date: 2/2/2023

PAX: Cooter, Show Tunes, Pipeline, Cheney, El Chappo, Duvet, Tape Deck

AO: The Battery


There is no way that this winter is *ever* going to end as long as this groundhog keeps seeing his shadow. I don’t see any other way out. He’s gotta be stopped. And I have to stop him


PAX Meet at the Pavillion

SSHIn Cadence20
Fwd Fold – FwdIn Cadence10
Fwd Fold – RevIn Cadence10
Baby Arm Circles – FwdIn Cadence10
Baby Arm Circles – RevIn Cadence10
Seal ClapIn Cadence10
Overhead clapIn Cadence10
Raise The RoofIn Cadence10
ChinookIn Cadence10
Seal ClapIn Cadence10
SSHIn Cadence
Willy Maze HazeIn Cadence10

The Thang – Every day is exactly the same and nothing you do matters

Groundhogs spend the winter in their burrow and emerge periodically to check the weather. If they see their shadow they go back in for 6 more weeks. The PAX will do an exercise on one side of a pick nick table then crawl to the top of their burrow (Top of table) and perform 3 groundhogs before checking the weather (Answering a question) If the answer is correct the PAX crawls down the other side of the burrow and performs a new exercise. If the answer is incorrect (sees shadow) the PAX crawls back to the starting side and performs the SAME exercise again.

Decline Pickle Pointers20Hard Count
Bird Dog20Hard Count
Donkey Kicks10
Plank leg raise10each leg
Ground Hog crawlsOut n Back
Mt. Climber20Hard Count
Crab Cakes20
Sit ups20
Lounge Act10each side

The 3rd annual Ground Hog Day Celebration Play List


  • 1 True/False – The goundhog is a rodent belonging to  a group of ground squirrels call marmots.
  • 2 True/False – Kiss has  earned most Gold albums than  any band from the United States.
  • 3 True/False – The Movie “Groundhog day” has been selected for preservation in the National Film Registry
  • 4 How many times has Ace Frehley left the band?  -3
  • 5 What are young groundhogs called  – Chucklings
  • 6 Groundhogs, are known as whistle pigs.  Do they actually whistle?  – yes
  • 7 Who was the lead singer of KISS? – Gene Simmons
  • 8 True/false – The Groundhog is also known as a Hoary Marmot?- False the hoary marmot is a cousin to the groundhog.
  • 9 Describe Gene Simmons make up? – Demon
  • 10 True/False – Gene Simmons is related to Richard Simmons?  – False (But wouldn’t the world be a better place if it was true)
  • 11 True/False – Gene Simmons real name is Chaim Witz – True
  • 12 True/false – Richard Simmons was born in New orleans and his real name is Milton Teagle Simmons – True
  • 13 True/False – The Bed and breakfast that Phil stays at is an actual bed and breakfast in Punxsutawney PA? -False
  • 14 True/False – Gene simmons and Paul Stanley are both jewish – True
  • 15 True/false – Goundhogs can climb trees? – True
  • 16 Between 1964 and 1971 how many groundhogs were hunted and killed in Kentucky annally?  – 267,500
  • 17 Where was the the movie “Groundhog Day” filmed?  – Woodstock IL
  • 18 True/False – The KISS logo is different in Germany because the SS’s  happened to look similar to the insignia of the Nazi SS, a symbol that is outlawed  -in Germany – True
  • 19 In the movie “Groundhog day” what is Phil’s last name?  – Connors
  • 20 True/False – Richard Simmons failed to show up to lead his exercise class in 2014 and has not been seen since -True
  • 21 True/False – KISS was voted as the “Best Metal/Hard Rock Band” of 1996 – True
  • 22 What is the maximum age of a groundhog I the wild?  – 6 years
  • 23 How old is Richard simmons?  – 74
  • 24 What year was the album “Lick it up” released? – 1983
  • 25 What year was the movie “Ground Hog Day” released? – 1993
  • 26 True/false – Badgers are included in the list of predators of groundhogs in the eastern united states- True
  • 27 Do males or female groundhogs emerge from hibernation first?  – Male
  • 28 True/False – Bill Murray was sued by an actual weatherman named Phil Connors? False 29 True/False – Ground hog burrows have bathrooms?  – True
  • 30 At his peak, how much did Richard Simmons weigh?  268lb
  • 31 True/False  – If an infinite number of monkeys were put in a room long enough they would eventually write the back blast for this workout – True
  • 32 True/false – Gene Simmons was born in Isreal – True


It can seem like every day is the same as the last and nothing you do makes any difference, just like this beat down. But now that it’s over and we’re looking back on it, we have accomplished something that only 8 people managed this morning. That says alot about us. Possibly not good things but alot of things just the same. Additionally, it was educational even though you may rather not know most of the answers.


  • Respect the Groundhog
  • Cooter was offended by the fact that KISS had more gold albums than any other band in the U.S.
  • Duvet cheated by studying Groundhog trivia and he missed every question
  • Where IS Richard Simmons?


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