El Chapo Rumble in the Jungle 6-11-20

QIC:  EL Chapo AKA Guy LaDouche 

Date: 6/11/20

AX: Clothespin, 9Volt, Coldplay, John Doe , Schnitzel

AO: The Battery


Cool breezes – Coldplay


easy runner stretches, WMH, Toe Merkins, Third grade exercise, on the six touch toes

The Thang

1 mile light mosey on the greenway, stop every quarter mile, 10 merkin, 20 big boy sit ups, 30 squats. on the hunt for rabbit, birds, squirrels , groundhog or unicorn…. Only saw one rabbit….. 10 burpees per rabbit . Finally found a unicorn in a sombrero at the upper playground.
Burpee Apocalypse at the Unicorn Hideaway!

390 total Burpees!

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The world is changed by your example, not your opinion.


I just knew there would be a unicorn somewhere along this path. – Clothespin


Dadderday 7/24

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