El Chapo VQ The Battery 12-21-2019

QIC: El Chapo

Date: 12/21/2019

PAX: Deep Dish, ThreeSkin, Snitzel, 9Volt, Bernie, Mrs. Baker, ToeTag, Bubbles, Clothespin, Sandwich, Shotput, Sidekick, Mayhem, 

AO: The Battery


41 Degrees
Wind zero so nobody could smell the Twix
Sky cloudy … Santa came out of nowhere and forced the elves to work outside.


Side Straddle Hop 15
Willy Mays Hays 10
Side Straddle Hop 15
Forward Fold 15
Little Baby Arm Circles 15
Wax on Wax Off 10
Sand da Floor 10
Side Straddle Hop 20
Little Baby Crunches 20

The Thang

Yule Log Dash to and fro through the Candy Cane Forest to the North Pole with coupons and “Morning Wood”. Frosty was waiting to give cold welcoming shrug. Elves carried the wood and Santa carried the toys (coupons) . The kid on the naughty list had to pull the wagon

1 x Burpee
2 x Big boy sit-up
3 x squats
4 x Merkin
5 x Imperial Walkers
6 x Military Press w/ coupon and Morning Wood
7 x Burpee
8 x Big Boy Sit-up
9 x Squats w/ coupon and yes the Morning Wood
10 x Merkin
11 x Imperial Walker
12 x Military Press w/coupon and here comes the Mornin Wood again

Round 2

Santa’s Fat Sack

While Santa and Ruldolph delivered toys to all the good girls and boys up and down the Hell Hill. The rest of the reindeer enjoyed some games and dance.

SSH – 45sec
Rest- 20sec
Plank- 1min
Burpee- 1min
Rest- 30sec
Merkin- 1min
Dance- 45sec
Lunge- 1min
Burpee- 1min
Control Freak Merkin 1min
SSH- 1min

We did this for 3 rounds until all the reindeer and all the elves had the opportunity to be Rudolph or Santa


Be at the right place at the right time for the right person. Love your neighbors and be a leader in your community . Let sent


Inflatables and generators


Tuesday… The Battery 1 hour beatdown . Come get another sample of the Mornin Wood.

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